Our Governors

The Governors of Longmoor Community Primary School are:

Chair of Governors
Mr. Mark Rea (Child Protection/LAC Governor)

Co-Opted Governors
Mr. Terry Brown (Vice Chair/Pupil Premium Governor)
Mrs. Dorothy Hart (SEN Governor)
Dr. Brian Grundy (Safeguarding Governor)
Mrs. Sarah Evans
Mrs. Heather Gough

Associate Governor
Mr. Mark Garside

Parent Governors
Mrs. Francesca Rea
Mrs. Diane Summerhayes (Safeguarding Governor)
Mr. Neil Greenough

LEA Governor

Mrs. E. A. Grundy

Governors always welcome feedback from parents as well as comments from all stakeholders in the community. If you would like to contact the school governors please phone/email the school office giving the general nature of your query. They will take your contact details and arrange for the most appropriate governor to contact you.

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Walton Sci-Cos together sharing good practice. #creatingfutureEinsteins @ArnotStMary @longmoorcps @ricelaneprimaryt.co/pP3erqp149

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Class 9 had a great time learning about Signs and Symbols at Aintree Baptist Church. #funafternoont.co/weoHoDMwJY

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Yesterday, Year 3 discovered that the Stone Age really was 'wicked' by taking part in a fun workshop. #StoneAget.co/5PRKgTPuZM

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Children had a great afternoon weaving bird cages out of willow for our “Journey” project. #Journey #AaronBeckert.co/4TxksyGaBV

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Celebrations: Classes 13, 8 & 5 lead with attendance, Unicorns with most house points & Kindness Cup goes to a member of Year 5! #Pride #Wow