• Good attendance is a priority at our school because children who are not in school are missing out on the high-quality education we offer them.

    Our target for attendance this year is 96% and every class which meets or beats our attendance target for the week receives a reward the following week. The EYFS/KS1 class with the best attendance each week looks after the school teddy-bear for the week and has an extra session in the games pen. The KS2 class with the best attendance each week keeps the KS2 Attendance Trophy in their class and also has an extra games pen session.

    100% attendance is the GOLD standard. Children who do not miss one day of school in a half-term receive an attendance certificate. Children who achieve 100% attendance for the term receive an attendance reward. Children who achieve 100% attendance for the year receive an attendance trophy.

    We also offer other ad-hoc rewards to classes and pupils with excellent attendance.


    Please remember to phone in every day if your child is off. If we do not hear from you we will give you a call to check why your child is not in school. Remember that you are also required to send in a note explaining your child’s absence when they return, even if you have told us the reason over the telephone. If you forget we will issue a printed attendance note for you to complete. For extended absences due to illness we may ask for a doctor’s note.

    If your child has a dental or doctor’s appointment and is absent from school, they can only be credited with a ‘medical’ absence if you produce the appointment card/letter. Otherwise it will be categorised as an unauthorised attendance.

    While children may genuinely have been ill, or in hospital, the school is still obliged by the government to follow these absences up.

    Persistent Absenteeism

    90% attendance or below is classed as PERSISTENT ABSENTEEISM and is a major cause for concern.

    What can 90% attendance mean for your child?

    1. 90% attendance means that a child misses the equivalent of four whole weeks of lessons in the school year.
    2. 90% attendance means that a child is absent from lessons for the equivalent of one half day every week.
    3. Over the course of 5 years, if a child only attends for 90% of each of those years then they will have missed the equivalent of about one half of a school year.

    If your child’s attendance is falling towards this level you are likely to be asked to come into school to talk to us about why your child is not in school and ways we can help you to get them into school. We will probably require medical notes for further absences if they are to be authorised. We will probably also make a referral to our Education Welfare Officer, Mrs. Fitzpatrick. If attendance does not improve, you may receive a penalty notice and have to pay a fine or face further action.

    We know that children in our school who have attendance approaching or below 90% begin to fall behind their peers and are in danger of not fulfilling their potential. We have also worked successfully with many parents to improve their child’s attendance, bringing about significant improvements in their engagement and attainment. If you are finding it hard to get your child into school, come and talk to Mrs. Grundy or Mrs. Fitzpatrick – we can help!

    Term-Time Holidays

    Please remember that the Government is still looking to substantially cut the number of holidays taken by school children during term time. They have given very clear guidance to schools –  we are obliged  to consider each holiday request extremely carefully and can only authorise holidays in very exceptional circumstances. Common reasons we are given which will not be accepted include: work commitments (unless in the Armed Forces); ‘surprise’ holidays booked by other family members.

    The most likely outcome of taking a holiday is that you will receive a penalty notice – if this is part of a continuing pattern of poor attendance further action is likely to be taken. The only person who can authorise a holiday is the Headteacher – handing in a letter or telling a teacher does not mean a holiday has been approved.

    School does appreciate that travel companies increase prices during school holidays, so to try and help our families we have arranged the school year calendar to give two weeks holiday at the end of May/beginning of June (this year the dates are 28th May to 8th June 2018). The second week is not generally a school holiday and therefore holiday prices are much better. Many of our families do take advantage of this opportunity for a cheaper holiday in early June.

    Further Information

    Further information can be obtained from the School Office, and from the Attendance Policy (below).

    Attendance Policy
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