3 dispensing opticians visit Year 6

8th December 2016

On Wednesday 7th December 2016, Year 6 were fortunate enough to take part in a remarkable activity which involved the eye and how it works. Opticians came into Year 6 to teach us about the eye to help us with our science topic, ‘light’.

So firstly, Year 6 enjoyed an interesting discussion with the opticians in how we can keep our eyes healthy, when we might need to see the opticians and how we actually see. Then, the year group enjoyed investigating with contact lenses: we were able to touch a real contact lens. It felt really soft and slimy. Did you know that the human eye sees what you see upside down? It is the brain that turns the image the right way up.

Finally, the opticians showed the year how animals see which was really fascinating. Year 6 wishes that you will have an opportunity just like this so that you learn how the eye works and how other animals see.

Isabella and Caillen

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