African Assembly

13th May 2018

On Friday, it was the turn of Year Three to perform their assembly for the school! We have been working hard on our Africa topic, and wanted to share what we have learned with everyone else.

We talked about the amazing African food tasting which we took part in, and we discussed our non-chronological reports about different African plants which we have been learning about, and Lamees and Alfie told us all about the orchid and the rubber tree!

We then showed our graphs about rainfall in London compared to Nairobi. We learned that it does rain in Nairobi which we didn’t know before, and we know that it rains more in London. We looked at the average rainfall and placed our findings onto a bar chart.

We looked at a map of Africa and found Kenya using atlases, globes and google maps. We named the surrounding countries on our maps and identified human and physical features of Kenya, such as Mount Kenya, beaches, rivers, hotels and shanti towns.

In our Geography lessons, we considered various questions, deepening our knowledge through questioning. We debated different questions about tourism in Kenya and looked at issues such as pollution. Sophie, Sonny, Harry and Lillie-Mae read out their ideas and suggestions.

We also showed everyone our stunning Art silhouette pictures which we made using pastels and smudging techniques.

Lastly, we also showed everyone our comparisons of tourist attractions between Liverpool and Kenya. We found that both Liverpool and Nairobi have football stadiums and they both have museums and art galleries, but the weather is quite different! Lewis Hill showed everyone the lovely photographs of his mum and dad when they visited Africa.

We have really enjoyed studying Africa this half term.


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