Anti-Bullying Movie Stars!

21st November 2016

This week, our work has been focused on Anti-Bullying. Firstly, we made sure that we had a clear definition on what “bullying” actually is as sometimes, we can use the word incorrectly. The main points that we must remember are:

  1. Bullying is hurtful. It can make the victim feel worthless, insecure and lonely.
  2. Bullying is intentional (on purpose).
  3. Bullying is repetitive; it happens over a long period of time.

We also discussed the difference between direct and indirect bullying and the fact that sometimes, there can be an imbalance of power. The four different types of bullying are: Physical, Verbal, Social and Cyber. We looked at these in depth and made sure we had a clear understanding of how each type of bullying can present itself.

Finally, we talked about what you should do if you think you’re being bullied, or have concerns about someone else. We made a list of the people in school who could help us and reminded ourselves never to retaliate – this will only make things worse.

Using all of our knowledge from this week, we planned, drafted, edited and published our own Anti-bullying Advice Leaflets. These will be made available to children in our school.

As well as this, we created and filmed our very own Anti-bullying video, which can be seen below.


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