Anti-bullying week

16th November 2016

This week at Longmoor Community Primary School is ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. Year 6 began discussing what bullying meant to them. 3 main messages came from all of their definitions:

  1. Bullying is intentional – a bully means to hurt someone.
  2. Bullying is something that happens on a regular basis: it happens more than once.
  3. Bullying is hurtful: it can upset people.

We also discussed how cyber-bullying is more common nowadays and particularly for older children due to the diverse amount of social media websites out in our online world.

However, we all realised that bullying is not ok. It should never happen and we should try to prevent it in the first place. If incidents of bullying were to occur, then we know we have the power to speak up, tell an adult or parent to ensure it stops. We also realised that it is not just the victim of the bullying that needs support but also the bully. We all need to realise the difference between right and wrong and face up to the consequences of negative behaviour.

During the week, Year 6 will create newspaper articles explaining how anti-bullying week has been delivered across the school as well as highlighting the importance of having a week based on anti-bullying.

See some examples of the newspaper reports which Year 6 have created at the side of the Year 6 page (in letters home section).

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