Autumn 1st half term in Year 4

28th October 2019

This half term we have been really busy in Year Four!

We have been learning all about Venice in Geography, exploring the question ‘What is happening to Venice?’ We can explain how Venice was built and why it is sinking now, and we have explored the future of Venice. We linked this to our English unit of work and looked at the play The Merchant of Venice. We also wrote newspaper reports about Venice and what is happening there.

We have also been learning about animals and their habitats in Science. We looked at classifying living things in different ways and examined the different habitats which are suitable for animals and how they have adapted to their different environments.

Year 4 have also looked at different topics for our Keeping Safe and Healthy topic. We discussed the different effects of alcohol and how different drinks can be different strengths and affect people in different ways. We made colourful posters about the effects of alcohol.

We have explored the different words of wisdom in the main religions and looked at wise sayings from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and the Sikh religion. We discussed what it is to be wise and the merits of each wise saying and how it gives good advice.

In Maths, we have worked hard, looking at place value and decimal work, using decimals within calculations as well. We read the time on an analogue and digital clock to the minute and looked at sorting different shapes, regular and irregular.  We have also looked at using our knowledge of maths in solving different problems and real life situations and we are still practising our times tables.

We are continuing to practise playing the clarinet with our weekly music lessons and have enjoyed singing sessions. In Art, we have explored the work of Paul Klee and have represented our own work using different media, such as paint, pastels, collage, colouring pencils and sketching pencils. We have also enjoyed our PE sessions both with Everton in the Community and with our class teachers.

We have really enjoyed this half term and look forward to the next half term in Year 4!

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