Awesome Egyptians!

22nd February 2018

Year 3 had a very exciting visit to the Atkinson museum on Wednesday 21st February. We arrived at the museum in Southport and were amazed at how big it was! We had three different activities to do. We had a tour of Mrs Goodison’s Egyptian artefacts with Jan, our tour guide, where we had to find certain artefacts and read all about them. Jan then told us all about each object and how it was used in Ancient Egyptian times. We also explored the art gallery with more Egyptian artefacts as well as art with a animal theme. We were overjoyed to also see the exhibition of Pop Art prints which we are studying in Art and we saw Andy Warhol’s soup can print! We also had the chance to find out lots of different facts about Egypt from a wide range of books.

We had a great time at the museum and we think it really helped us to learn more about Ancient Egypt.

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