Careers Fair

29th June 2018

Today we had lots of visitors for our careers fair. Mrs Heron came to talk to two groups of children about her role as a Shop Manager at Marks and Spencer in Aintree. We learned about all the different departments in the shop and also about roles which the customer sometimes doesn’t see, such as Operations work and Administration work. Did you know that they sold one thousand boxes of strawberries last week? Mrs Heron also told us that she works with the community as well as with customers and the shop donate all food which will be out of date to charities and foodbanks. Although the shop is open from 8am to 8pm, people work there throughout the night as well, stacking shelves and sorting stock. Mrs Heron said she loves her job and really enjoys working there, and she explained to us how she decided on this job and how she has gained lots of experience from working there. We had lots of questions to ask her and we learned a great deal about working in retail.

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