Choir Christmas Events

1st December 2016

Before Christmas, the choir have been given the privilege to perform at a number of events.

Over the festive period, the choir are looking forward to performing Christmas Carols to many audiences.

Their first stop will be Grace Lodge Nursing Home. After being in contact with the staff at Grace Lodge Nursing home, both the staff and the residents are extremely excited at the prospect of our choir performing to them. We hope to lighten their spirits and bring festivity to their day. Look for more information and pictures to follow!

Our second stop is closer to home and will be at the Reception and KS1 Christmas plays. If you are attending, you can enjoy a refreshment and festive treat whilst listening to our fantastic choir sing merry carols, let by our talented choir director Mrs Newton. Look for festive pictures to follow!

Our third and final festive stop will be at the Archbishop Beck Christmas concert. Thanks to Mrs Newton, our choir have the fantastic opportunity to attend this event and perform in front of an audience of their loved ones. As this is the week we finish for Christmas, it is such a lovely event to round off the festive season! As with the other events, look out for pictures to follow.

We would like to thank everyone who has invited our choir to sing at such wonderful venues and all who are supporting us. The choir cannot wait to tell you how these events went!

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