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19th December 2016

The Jungle Book film review

Name of film: The Jungle Book

Date of visit: Friday 16th December 2016

The film was about a little boy named Mowgli, he lived in the jungle. Throughout the story he was called the ‘man-cub’ because he was brought up in the jungle with a pack of wolves. There was a village nearby, where he came from, called the ‘man village’ it was considered dangerous there as the animals were scared of the ‘red-flower’ (fire).

The story revolved around the main character Mowgli along with his friends Bagheera (panther), Baloo (bear), Akela (the wolf pack leader) and his youngest brother Grey (a wolf cub). The story also included two villains, one was more dangerous than the other, who both wanted Mowgli for a different purpose. King Louie (a giant orangutan) sent his monkey minions to grab Mowgli so that he could use the ‘red-flower’, which was created by man, so that the orangutan could become more like a human. However, the main villain after Mowgli was Shere Khan (a vicious tiger). He wanted revenge on all men as he was burned by a hunter when he was younger and hated all humans because of this.

There were lots of brilliant parts to this film but two parts that really entertained us throughout the story were the giant orangutan singing. He sang a song called ‘I want to be like you’ and we really enjoyed this as we have heard this song before. A further part that could be considered the favourite was when the ‘man-cub’ faced the tiger in a fight involving the dangerous ‘red-flower’. We won’t give away who wins though!

We would highly recommend this film because it was very funny. However, it was also quite tense because it involved lots of jumpy parts were you though Mowgli was in grave danger.

We would give this film 5 stars. Definitely go and see this brilliant film!

Review written Kai and Ryan (Year 4)

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