Class 13 explore finances!

12th March 2018

This week during our Enterprise session, Class 13  explored finance and were fortunate to welcome Chris, a commercial manager who works at HSBC, along to their lesson. The class discussed the definition of ‘finance’; it’s importance in the world of business and to individuals. Together, we identified how it is important to be responsible with our finances and looked at how banks can help us to do that by providing us with a range of services that can help us to control our finances and keep them safe: current accounts, savings accounts, mortgages and loans are some of the ways in which a bank can help us to do this. Money allows us to be able to make choices in life and the children were challenged to think about the many outgoings households have and how to best manage their money. Their task involved being given a monthly salary which they then then had to budget to pay bills and expenses. This really allowed the children to think and question the necessities within a household and how budgeting and being responsible with finances is really important.

Miss Monaghan

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