Class 6's Chinese Music Workshop!

31st January 2017

As a reward for having the highest attendance in KS1 during Autumn term, Class 6 had a special visitor to demonstrate different musical instruments from China. We discussed Chinese New Year and the different animals for each year, ask your children if they can remember what animal is for this year!

Each child made their own Chinese New Year card writing ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese letters and discovering what their names look like in Chinese writing! We then discussed the parades that happen around the world on Chinese New Year including the celebrations that happened last weekend in Liverpool.

Some of the instruments children played included the Yang Qin where children used beaters to hit strings, the Pipa; a Chinese guitar and the Erhu which is a Chinese violin. At the end of the session we created our own Chinese New Years parade playing the drums and lots of loud symbols!

Class 6 thoroughly enjoyed the session!

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