Class 8's Chinese Workshop

30th January 2017

As a reward for getting the best attendance in KS2, Class 8 were rewarded with a Chinese workshop with Theresa. This is as this week is Chinese New Year! We had already done research about Chinese New Year and were able to tell Theresa lots of facts! Each time someone answered a question with their fantastic knowledge, they were rewarded with a folded paper star! We watched a video all about Theresa’s family and how they celebrated Chinese New Year. Class 8 loved watching this, as it put all of the traditions they had researched into a real life family! We saw children getting the lucky money envelopes, a fantastic Chinese parade in Manchester and a lucky coin being put into a dumpling!

Class 8 thoroughly enjoyed doing the Chinese paper folding. First, they made a leaping frog and were amazed that they could do this with just one piece of paper! They had a go at making their frogs jump as high as they could!  They then made some Chinese greetings cards. Inside their cards they wrote ‘Happy New Year’ and their names in Chinese. We all discovered that when ‘Happy New Year’ is translated into English, it actually says ‘New Year Happy’! Class 8 wrote some lovely messages inside their cards and cannot wait to give them to their family and friends. Lastly, they made some faces out of paper, by doing Chinese paper cutting. Class 8 showed off their amazing cutting skills to make their faces look extremely realistic. They needed to be careful and precise and they did a fantastic job. Well done Class 8!

Keep a look out for lots of pictures to follow!

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