Crosby beach visit

1st November 2018

We were so worried this morning when we saw the rain splashing into the puddles on the playground but thankfully the skies cleared for us to visit Crosby beach!

We got to the beach and looked at the information sign and read all about the statues. We then went onto the beach and looked at as many statues as we could. Some of them were out at sea and some were in the wetter parts of the beach, but we got to explore about six statues up close. One was nearly buried in the sand and we saw one statue which was leaning right over! We noticed that the statues were made of iron and expected them to be very rusty but some were bumpy and some were smooth. We looked at the different colours and predicted what had happened to them and why. We saw that each statue had a number around its wrist. We then drew a sketch of one of the statues, observing the shape of the body. We then walked back to the bus and when we came back to school, we sketched other pictures using different grades of pencil. After this, we are going to learn more about Antony Gormley and other statues that he made.

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