Exploring Journey by Aaron Becker

13th September 2017

As you will know from our topic web, all of the children in our school are studying the same book – Journey by Aaron Becker and we are using this book for our writing and Art work.

Year 3 have been working on the book. We were amazed at first to see that it did not have any words but we soon realised that it has really detailed illustrations and one of our children pointed out that ‘this is better because we can add our own detail to the story’!

We have looked at the whole book and we are linking it to our work on description and adjectives. We took pictures from the book and thought of effective adjectives to describe the scene. We looked at the characters at the beginning of the story in detail and explored their thoughts and feelings. We worked as a group to act out some of the scenes in drama and now we are writing diary entries and postcards based on the book.

If you have not seen this book before, why not ask us about it?We will be excited to tell you all that we know!

Keep watching the website for further information and ask us about our fantastic work!

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