Explosive science at Archbishop Beck

22nd June 2017

A day out with fire!

On 22nd of June, Year 6 were lucky enough to go on a scientific adventure: we all experienced some ‘fairy magic’. If you want to find out what we mean, read on!

When we arrived at Archbishop Beck with our teachers (Mrs Hamilton, Mrs McKenna and Mrs Astbury), we met Mr Atherton: Archbishop Beck’s science teacher. We were taken to a special science room where we spent the rest of the morning.

First of all, we put on our science goggles as Mr Atherton led us to the experimental desk. The first experiment we did was great: he put a chemical into a measurement cup and mixed it with some brown substance and it boiled up and made a cloud of fresh oxygen.

Secondly, we were shown some fabulous fairy magic, we mean washing-up liquid. Yep, did you know that it was made using ‘blended up fairies’? If you put it into a large testing tube and mix it with some chemicals it boils, becomes really foamy and forms a ‘volcano’.

Finally, we were shown the most outstanding experiment of our visit: we call it ‘fire fairies’. As the spectacular man used 3 chemicals to make a hot fire, we watched, intrigued: gas, water and more blended up fairies. As that was our last experiment, we made our way through the extraordinary school to the exit.

Chloe, Paige, Josh and Thomas.

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