Gardening...and snails!

15th May 2018

In order to prepare our archaeology pit, we did a spot of gardening – and found lots of carrots and snails!  The children wore gardening gloves and were shown how to use the forks and trowels safely.  There was speculation as to whether or not some of the carrots might have been nibbled by Peter Rabbit!  Whilst we may not have found enough carrots to make soup, this tied in nicely with our recent work on keeping healthy, and where food comes from.  We will be making soup soon, and also planting new vegetables for next year’s Reception children to find!  We had a ‘pet’ snail very briefly too, found by a child on the way to school – after we had fed it, drawn it and written about it, we released it carefully back in to the wild.  All of this work naturally led on to yet more talk about hand hygiene and the importance of thorough washing.

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