Healthy eating champions!

7th February 2018

In Y3 we have been looking at healthy eating in Science. We have explored the different food groups and how they help our bodies to stay healthy. We have learned all about nutrition and how much of each food group is sensible for us to eat.

As part of our Design Technology work, we designed, planned and made a healthy sandwich, thinking about what kind of bread and filling we would choose to make a healthy meal. We know that the bread gives us fibre, especially brown bread and that the butter is a dairy food but includes fat – so don’t eat too much! We chose a healthy filling. Some of use used cucumber as we now that it includes water to help keep us hydrated.

We made our sandwich and then evaluated it. We thought about whether our sandwich was as healthy as it could be and what we might change if we made it again and why.

We really enjoyed eating our sandwiches!

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