Key Stage 2 Results 2016

7th September 2016

We’ve now had official confirmation of the fantastic End of Key Stage 2 results achieved by last year’s Year 6 pupils. We are very proud of them all and they should be very proud of themselves: all of their hard work has paid off. A big well done from all the staff at Longmoor.

Below is a summary of cohort’s achievements; I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

  Percentage of Children Reaching the Expected Standard1 Pupils Achieving High Scores2
  Longmoor Liverpool National Longmoor3
Reading, Writing and Mathematics Combined 65% 45% 53% 6%
Mathematics 69% 65% 70% 48%
Reading 75% 60% 66% 35%
Writing 75% 63% 74% 14%
EGPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) 83% 67% 72% 63%

               These are pupils whose scaled score was 100 or above

2               These are pupils whose scaled score was 110 or above.

3                      Currently, there is no local or national comparison available.


It is pleasing that in the first year of the new assessment system for primary schools, we at Longmoor are already attaining well above other schools in Liverpool and in line with or better than the national average. I’m sure that you’ll agree attainment in reading and EGPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) is a particular strength.

The government also set a target that at least 65% of children in each school should be ‘secondary ready’ i.e. attain the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics combined. Only a relatively small number of schools have met this target in the first year of the new curriculum – we are delighted to say we are one of them.

Congratulations once again to all of last year’s Year 6 pupils, their families and the staff who supported them. We are looking forward to building on these excellent results with this year’s Year 6 cohort!

Mrs. E. Grundy

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