Kite experiment

16th March 2018

As a part of British Science Week, focusing on exploration and discovery, year 2 conducted an experiment to discover which material would be the best suited for a kite to fly. We gathered our ideas and decided to test; tin foil, felt, paper, tissue paper, and plastic. In groups we designed and made our kites using art sticks, string and one of the five materials we had chosen to test. On the windiest day this week we collected our kites and ran around the playground to see which would fly the highest. Although weather conditions were dry, we wanted to find out what would happen if the kite would get wet, and how this would effect how the kite flew, so we decided to cover the kites in water and try the kites out again. We discovered that the plastic kite was the best material as the kite was strong, waterproof and light. The worst material was the felt because it absorbed all the water and made it too heavy!


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