Longmoor's trip to the cinema

19th December 2016

On Friday, the pupils of Longmoor were lucky enough to go to the cinema to watch a special viewing of ‘The BFG’. After we arrived at school, we excitedly piled onto a coach and were driven to the cinema. We couldn’t wait to find out what film we were going to see!

We entered the dark cinema and sat, waiting in anticipation to see what the film would be! Whilst we were waiting we were kindly given a packet of delicious haribo and a thirst quenching juice box.

When we saw the title of the film, the cinema was filled with excitement. Some of us have also read the book and we have a variety of opinions. We thought that the film was good, but Jack mentioned that he thought that the book has more detail and sometimes films only add the best parts to make them exciting. However, Tayla thought that the film was just as magical as the book because they used lots of special effects to bring The BFG to life.

The BFG is a story about a little girl called Sophie who lives in an orphanage, one night she is plucked out of her bed by a big, friendly giant! He takes Sophie to Giant Country and they become friends. They work together to catch dreams and defeat the nasty, sly, monstrous giants who bully The BFG. In Year 3, we know that it’s not nice to bully!

Lee’s favourite part of the film was when the Queen banished the giants to a little island with only snozcumbers to eat for the rest of their lives! He couldn’t stop laughing! Harrison loved when the BFG and Sophie were catching dreams because the special effects were really colourful.

We loved the film and would definitely recommend it to our friends, especially if they have read the Roald Dahl book!

By Year 3

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