Marvellous Magnets

7th October 2017

On Friday 6th October it was the turn of Year Three to do a presentation in celebration assembly. We decided to show everyone all of the hard work we have been doing in Science with magnets and forces. We told everyone lots of different facts which we have learned and we showed our books with our investigations.

We have learned that there are different types of magnets, and they have a north and a south pole. We know that opposite poles attract and like poles repel. We made our own compasses using a magnet, a bowl of water, a compass picture and a lid. We learned that the north and south poles of a magnet will always point to the north and south. We then tested our magnets to see what would attract to them – we were very surprised to learn that not all metals stick to a magnet! This week we are looking forward to investigating whether bigger magnets are stronger than smaller magnets.

We are hoping to share our assembly with our parents and carers soon!

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