Matisse Exhibition

4th May 2016

Our school artist is Henri Matisse and we have enjoyed creating a vast range of work inspired by him.

First of all was our exciting Art Exhibition! We would like to thank everybody who turned up to support the children and their work on this wonderful evening. The children and their teachers worked very hard to create a range of art work inspired by a variety of Matisse paintings. The children’s work looked wonderful framed and proudly displayed for everybody to see! It was also a fantastic opportunity to introduce families to our new large scale artwork displayed in our Infant Hall created by Year 1 and 2, who worked with an artist called Becky. Our large scale art is inspired by Matisse’s cutting work. The children were able to experience how creative “painting with scissors” is.

We look forward to working with Becky again and creating more work inspired by Henri Matisse.

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