Nĭ hăo Longmoor!

13th November 2016

During the autumn half-term break, Mrs. Grundy joined headteachers from around the UK on a British Council China Bridge visit to the city of Wuhan in China. During a whirlwind tour of six schools in three days, she had the opportunity to forge links with two schools who will now be Longmoor Community Primary School’s partner schools – Wuhan Hankou Furen Primary School and Changqing No.1 Primary School.

Flying out, her cases were packed with bookmarks, cards, letters and drawings from the children of Longmoor for their new friends in those schools. We are now waiting eagerly to hear from their children in return. Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 are also learning Mandarin Chinese these year and will work on joint projects with our partner schools in science, culture and sports.

Mrs. Grundy said, “In some ways our partner schools are very different to us – certainly in size, with two to three thousand pupils in each school. However, what we have in common is teachers and pupils with an open mindset who want to learn about the rest of the world. This is a fantastic opportunity for our children to make international friends, appreciate a very different culture to our own and learn a language that will become increasingly important as China establishes more and more cultural and trade links globally.”

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