No Pens Day

3rd October 2018

Today it was No Pens Day Wednesday. We had such a fun day! We did not pick up a pen or pencil all day!

First, we had Maths. We made a human graph based on our birthday month! We discovered that there were quite a few months where there were three birthdays in that month. We then used the Times Tables Rockstars app to practise our 2,3,5 and 10 times tables.

After playtime, we went into the hall and shared our work with Year 4. We interviewed them with questions about Pliny the Younger and they asked us questions about when Mount Vesuvius erupted. For guided reading, some of us read stories to each other. We helped each other with reading and we really enjoyed it.

After lunch, we had singing with Mrs Newton, then we continued with out volcano pictures in the style of Margaret Godfrey.

Finally, we had some philosophy.

We had a busy day!

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