No Pens Day Wednesday

5th October 2016

No Pens Day Wednesday

On Wednesday, 5th October, the pupils of Longmoor Community Primary School were filled with delight as they knew it was ‘No Pens Day Wednesday’. During this wonderful day, the children of Year 6 took this opportunity to do some valuable reading on Roald Dahl’s beloved book, ‘Boy’: this is their class reader for the term. In English, we read a variety of tourist leaflets about Liverpool to find the key features of a persuasive text. This will help us write our own leaflet about Liverpool (in geography), which we will be sending to the school’s international link in China.

In maths, we still couldn’t use our pens so instead of writing, we constructed nets of various 3D shapes: square based pyramid, cube, cuboids, triangular prism and cones. We discussed the properties of these shapes using mathematical vocabulary: faces, vertices and edges.

By Joshua

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