No Pens Day

4th October 2017

Today, Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in ‘No Pens Day’ Wednesday! In English, we explored poetry, focusing on haikus, a traditional Japanese poem. After learning the rules of what makes a poem a haiku, we performed some poems using brilliant expression in our voices, applying actions and movement. We also explored different emotions, using show, don’t tell to describe how someone is feeling. In maths, we used our fantastic mental addition and subtraction skills, as well as making use of our maths manipulative to solve tricky questions on our board game. In the afternoon, we explored our forces and magnets topic, by working scientifically to create our own compasses! We have all had a fantastic day in Year 3 and have made full use of exploring on a day without pens and pencils! We look forward applying all of the writing opportunities created today to tomorrow’s lessons!

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