Odd socks Day!

23rd November 2017

Today, Thursday 23rd November, was Odd Socks Day! We celebrated in Year Three by wearing bright and colourful odd socks! This week we have been thinking about Anti-bullying and the fact that we are all different but all equal. We have written blog posts in English all about bullying, what it is, what to do and who can help. Our teachers set up a class blog with information we had gathered about bullying and we wrote advice for people who feel they are being bullied.

We also explored the theme of all different in Philosophy, where we explored the story of Elmer and discussed the question ‘Would it be good if we were all the same?’ We then made anti-bullying posters and information sheets exploring how we are all different but equal.

We have enjoyed our work this week and we all feel that we are able to help someone who may be in trouble.

Here are some photos of us in odd socks!

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