Our eggsperiment!

23rd March 2018

We have been experimenting in Svience this week. As part of our topic about teeth, we were looking at the effect of different liquids on our tooth enamel. We looked at eggs as we know that egg shells are similar to our tooth enamel.

We put a boiled egg into a cup of milk, water, cola and vinegar. We made the test a fair test by making sure that the eggs and cups were the same size and that we used the same amount of liquid. We also made sure we added the eggs at the same time. We then left the eggs for a week then looked at the eggs.

We found that the egg in water was exactly the same. The egg in milk had no change to the shell but it looked shinier. The egg in cola was very stained no matter how hard we brushed it and with the egg in vinegar, the shell had fompketely dissolved.

We discovered that water and milk are best for our teeth.


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