Our trip to the Mosque and Cathedral

8th May 2019

On Wednesday 8th May, Year 3 visited the Central Mosque and the Anglican Cathedral as part of our work on comparing religions and our topic of Islam.

When we got to the Mosque, we were asked to take off our shoes and were greeted by the Imam, Abu. He told us about the Mosque and explained what the different parts were for. We learned that the mimbar is the place where the leader will speak from and that every Mosque has one. At the Central Mosque, the main gathering is on Fridays at one o’clock and many people come for this. We learned that the shapes on the carpet are used for prayer and they, along with the place called the mihrab, point the way to the holy city of Mecca.

We then went to the Anglican cathedral. We discovered that the Cathedral also has a place where the speaker will address the people from and this is the pulpit. We also saw that there were holy books in the Cathedral and compared this with the holy books in the Mosque. People kneel to pray in the Cathedral and people in the Mosque also bow to the ground when they pray. We discovered that the Cathedral has a font where people can be baptised and also had altars where people worship God.

We now are looking forward to learning more about Islam in school!

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