Our visit to the Mosque

21st May 2018

Year 3 have been learning about Islam in their RE lessons and today we had a visit to Liverpool Central Mosque.

When we arrived, we had to take off our shoes because Muslims do not wear shoes inside the Mosque as it is a special place and they want to keep it clean.

We had a talk from Imam Abu, who told us all about parts of the Mosque and what Muslims do. We learned that the Mosque will hold 4,000 people at any time. The people sit on the floor unless they are old. The Imam will speak to the people from the mimbar. The mihrab is the place behind the mimbar which helps the people to see which direction to pray as all Muslims pray towards Mecca.  Even the design on the carpet points the way to Mecca too!

Imam Abu showed us a copy of the Qur’an which is the holy book for Muslims. He told us that they read it from right to left. They also write from right to left, and we saw that the words above the mimbar said Allah and Mohammed. We also learned that the important day for prayer and worship for Muslims is Friday. We saw a poster with a picture of the Ka’bah which we have learned about in our lessons.

Imam Abu spoke to us about the Muslim faith. He told us that Islam tells all Muslims to care for others. He spoke to us about diversity and the fact that we are all different in some ways and not to judge others just because they might be different to you.

Lastly, he told us that the community all get together in the afternoon for a meal and hoped that we could come back some time to share their meal with them!

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