Outdoor play

17th November 2016

Since September we have had lots of fun exploring and learning in the outdoors. As it gets colder please ensure the children have hats, scarves and gloves to keep warm when learning outdoors. Here a some photographs of the children taking their learning outside during the first half term.

img_0154 img_0159 img_0160 img_0162 img_0164 img_0165 img_0166 img_0167 img_0168-10 img_0169 img_0187 img_0188-12 img_0284-28 img_0285 img_0287 img_0291 img_0311-30 img_0313 img_0315-35 img_0320-38 img_0321-42 img_0369 img_0370 img_0374 img_0381-50 img_0381 img_0382 img_0383-52 img_0386-53 img_0386 img_0387-54 img_0391 img_0396 img_0501 img_0508-68 img_0511-71 img_0601 img_0603 img_0606 img_0636 img_0638 img_0644 img_0647 img_0686 img_0705 img_0706 img_0709 img_0710 img_0722

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