Outstanding KS2 SATs Results

2nd October 2015

2015 KS2 Results – Final
We’ve now had official confirmation of our outstanding End of Key Stage 2 results achieved by last year’s amazing Year 6 pupils. We are very proud of them all and they should be very proud of themselves: all of their hard work has paid off. A big well done from all the staff at Longmoor.

Level 4+Level 5+Level 6+Expected ProgressBetter Than Expected Progress
Reading, Writing and Mathematics Combined91%28%0%N/AN/A
EGPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling)93%78%9%N/AN/A


Some background to this achievement:

  • Children at the end of year 6 are expected to reach a Level 4.
  • Children attaining a level 5 or 6 are above national expectations.
  • ‘Expected Progress’ is 2 levels progress in Key Stage 2.
  • ‘Better Than Expected Progress’ is 3 levels progress in Key Stage 2 (usually only achieved by approximately 33% of children nationally) – wow!

There’s a familiar quote – “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. In this case, it has taken a whole school to educate these children – everyone involved should be very proud.

Mrs. E. Grundy