Aims & Values

  • Our values and ethos are exemplified by our Mission Statement and the school’s aims.

    Mission Statement

    At Longmoor Community Primary School we are committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment in which every child is challenged to achieve their full potential.

    School Aims

    • To encourage each and every member of the school community to seek higher standards in every aspect of school life.

    • To foster each child’s spiritual, emotional, moral, social, physical and mental development and enable them to achieve economic well-being.

    • To foster independence, a sense of responsibility and high standards of behaviour in children in order that they contribute positively to society

    • To work in close partnership with parents so that both school and home are working towards enhancing the children’s experiences and improving their standards of learning, achievement and behaviour.

    • To recognise and value the diversity of success achieved at LCPS.

    • To recognise the individuality of all members of the school community and provide for their differing needs

    • To encourage mutual respect between all members of the school community regardless of race, religious beliefs or gender. The ideas of children and the individual will be received and valued.

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