Residential Visits

  • Residentials at Longmoor

    We are very proud of our Residential Visits programme at Longmoor, which offers every child the opportunity to continue their learning in an outdoor environment. Residential visits are planned for all children in years 2-6, with a different location and learning theme allocated to each.

    This page contains information for parents about the residential that your child will be taking in the current academic year. Information is also provided about next year’s residential for each year group, where applicable.

    Current Academic Year

    Year 2: Conwy

    Date: 29th-30th June 2020
    Location: YHA Conwy
    Leader: TBD
    Staff: TBD

    Year 3/4: Colomendy

    Date: 1st-3rd April
    Location: Colomendy
    Leader: TBD
    Staff: TBD

    Year 5: Rock'n'River

    Date: 10th-12th June
    Location: Rock’n’River, Ormskirk
    Leader: TBD
    Staff: TBD

    Year 6: Snowdonia

    Date: 6th-10th July 2020
    Location: Snowdonia
    Leader: TBD
    Staff: TBD

    Year 6: Castleton Geography Residential

    Date: 21st-22nd October 2019
    Location: Castleton
    Leader: Mr. Rimmer
    Staff: TBD

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