Pen Licence comes to Longmoor

6th January 2016

Key Stage 2 children took part in a special assembly led by Miss Pennington and Mrs. Hynes, and were introduced to the Pen Licence for all children in Years 3 to 6. The Pen Licence is awarded to children who have proven that their handwriting is of the best quality, and children in receipt of the licence are able to use a pen, instead of a pencil, when working in class. Well done to the six children from Year 6 who were first to receive their licence!

Hayley said, “I felt proud and pleased to be one of the first to receive a pen licence. I know that I need to keep my handwriting really neat to keep my licence.” Michael added, “It’s really important that I carry on writing slowly and neatly, and get my sentences ready in my head so that I can concentrate then on my handwriting. I’m overjoyed to get my licence.”

We’re looking forward to issuing many more licences at Longmoor!

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