Professor Fluffy’s Medicine Day

23rd March 2016

Monday 21st March, Year 5 enjoyed a visit to Liverpool University.  Firstly, the students introduced themselves and spoke to us about life on campus.  We learned about studying for a degree and graduating at the end of a course.  Did you know that the hat which is worn at graduation is called a mortar board?

We had a taster session with two medical students.  This involved viewing all the bacteria on our hands before and after applying antibacterial gel.  Next, we listened to our heart beat with a stethoscope, measured pulse rate and peak flow.

After lunch, the students took us on a guided tour around the campus.  We tiptoed around one of the libraries which contains some of the university’s two million books – we learned that if the books were placed end to end, they would reach Old Trafford and back again.  We also visited the Guild of Students, the Sports Centre and the Engineering Faculty.

We had a very enjoyable day with many of us deciding that we would love to go to university in the future.  Who knows, in eleven years’ time, some of us may be throwing our mortar boards in the air after graduating!

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