• At Longmoor, music is an important part of our rich, creative and exciting curriculum. Through high-quality teaching and unique learning opportunities, our pupils learn to set their expectations high and acquire transferable skills which can transition into their secondary education and beyond. We are extremely lucky to have specialised teachers such as our Singing teacher and Choir Director Mrs Newton, and a range of specialised music teachers, such as our Band Director Mr Tratt come in to support our children on their musical journey.

    The school has a long-established tradition of giving every pupil in school the opportunity to learn an instrument. In Year 3, every child participates in a year of weekly whole-class clarineo lessons with a specialist music teacher from the Resonate music hub and Year 4 are having weekly whole-class clarinet lessons. This year, our school orchestra has been opened up to both Years 3 and 4! Our whole class tuition instruments feed perfectly into our orchestra, which is ever growing!

    We have further extended our music provision this year in a number of ways:

    The school’s choir will be continuing to be led by a professional and talented choir director, Mrs Newton, from Archbishop Beck. This year they plan to performances at a number of Christmas events, including: Grace Lodge Nursing Home, our Christmas assemblies and the Archbishop Beck’s Christmas convert. They also have the opportunity to return to perform on stage at The Echo Arena in January 2018 at the Liverpool Peace Proms. We hope to secure more events in 2018 for both the choir and orchestra and are excited at the prospect of this!

    The school band are continuing to dedicate themselves to practicing both in school and out. This is in preparation for upcoming events in 2017. Membership in our school band is open to Years 4 and 5. Parents have the opportunity to hire instruments (woodwind or brass) and the school funds individual/small group tuition by music tutors as well as a Tuesday after-school rehearsal ran by Mr. Tratt, our band director. The band and their new members have made fantastic progress in the short time they have been together and we look forward to seeing them perform very soon!

    Read on to find out more about what our young musicians have been doing this year…