River Study on the River Noe

27th September 2018
Year 6 had a great time on their curriculum residential to Castleton (Peak District) to study the River Noe. The children were fascinated by the rural village’s history and the impact the River Noe has on the local people.
To assist with their understanding of rivers, the children were able to observe how a river (in this case, the River Noe) changes throughout its journey. The pupils conducted a river study on various sections of the River Noe so that they could explain how the shape, size and flow of water changes throughout its journey. They measured the depth, width, temperature and speed of the river at different sections. From this field trip, they were able to identify meanders, the source of the River Noe and begin to explain how an oxbow lake will begin to form at one section of the river. We will continue to explore this in class and discuss how erosion and deposition play a key role in this.
It definitely was a valuable learning experience for the children and they admired he beautiful landscapes surrounding them.
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