Run, run, as fast as you can...!

13th February 2018

There was a mystery to be solved on the very last day of half term – the giant gingerbread man made by Miss Swift and a group of children at Stay and Play, disappeared!  When the children went to fetch the gingerbread man from the kitchen, Cook told them that the oven was empty!  Following a search of the kitchen, it soon became apparent that he had either run away, or been taken!  A photograph on the school’s Twitter account revealed that the Gingerbread Man was in the library, so we found some magnifying glasses and set off on a hunt for him, accompanied by Mrs. Grundy, who was keen to solve the mystery with us.  However, upon reaching the library, we found only a letter containing a clue as to where to look next…..Year 2’s library!  Back over to the other side of the school, only to discover yet another letter, leading us this time to Class 10 (Mrs. James).  A search of her classroom revealed one more letter, directing us finally to Mr. Garside – Mrs. Grundy was able to consult her timetable and inform us that Mr. Garside was teaching Year 5.  We crept upstairs and surprised Mr. Garside, who was teaching in Miss Kelly’s classroom, Class 11.  A thorough search of the classroom led to us finally discovering the giant gingerbread man, hidden in Miss Kelly’s cupboard!  Despite Mr. Garside’s claims that he was ‘framed’, the evidence pointing to him as the prime suspect was overwhelming!  Once the mystery was solved, the children returned to the base, to eat the remaining (small) gingerbread men, before they ran away too!

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