Safer Internet Day 2

7th February 2017

‘Safer Internet Day’ takes place on the 7th February every year.

This year, we invited a theatre company to join us and deliver some key strategies for staying safe online to our Key Stage 2 children. It was really entertaining; however, it was very informative sharing some very useful online safety tips.

Top Tips 

by Michael, Olivia, Joseph and Emily (Year 4)

  1. Stay safe online by making your accounts private.
  2. Be careful selecting pictures to go online: make sure they do not give away your address.
  3. Alway tell a family member or teacher if something has happened online that you are not happy about.
  4. Be honest with your parents: if you have done something that you’re unsure about, tell.
  5. Only chat to people that you know and trust; strangers might not be who they say they are.
  6. Be careful: some games might try to get you to spend money.

Never share:

  • Passwords,
  • Telephone numbers,
  • House number,
  • Address.
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