School Council- Autumn 1st Term NEWS

29th October 2018

Nominations, Speeches and Campaign Week – 14th-27th September 2018

The number of children putting themselves forward to be a school councillor this year was at its highest! A massive well done to everybody that put themselves forward to become a school councillor. We had an amazing couple of weeks with our speeches and campaigns that children fully immersed themselves in.

It was lovely to see democracy in action and the quality of the speeches the children had prepared. The speeches were fantastic with children clearly articulating their views and showing their passion and commitment in wanting to represent the school. Well done to everybody that took part and to the newly appointed school councillors!


Lower House Schools’ Parliament – 1/10/18

Our year 4 and 5 school councillors went along to represent our school for the Lower House Schools’ Parliament at Liverpool Town Hall. They worked alongside other schools to share ideas for the Manifesto of Liverpool and what a great job they did! They had some wonderful ideas including; free public transport for all children going on trips and free access for all children going to swimming pools. Let’s hope they are both included, as what brilliant ideas!

The children also had talks from Bully Busters, Crimestoppers and Whitechapel during the visit which were both thought provoking and inspiring. Our councillors all suggested that we invite them in to give the same talks to our children in school.

During the day the councillors also got the opportunity to visit the Council Chambers, getting them ready for the Junior Lord Mayor Elections on the 9th October!


Liverpool Town Hall – 9/10/18

Our Year 5 and 6 children went along to support Sophie, who had put herself forward and been chosen to represent Longmoor for Junior Lord Mayor. There were over 22 schools with only 11 places available. The standard of all the speeches were extremely high and those voting had a really difficult decision to make. Unfortunately, this time Sophie wasn’t chosen, but she was a fantastic candidate and her speech was commended by those that were listening. She spoke beautifully and was a credit to the school. Well done Sophie!

School Lunches – 12/10/18

All of our school counsellors met with the catering team to discuss the school dinners this year. One of our year 5 councillors completed a survey with her year group before meeting with the school caterers so she could share the views of the children with them. They had a very successful meeting with Tracey and have already planned for some special themed days so watch this space!


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