Science Trip to St. John Bosco

29th January 2016

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A group of children from Year 5 enjoyed a visit to St. John Bosco CLC on Monday 18th January, to undertake some practical science.

As part of their topic on the circulatory system, they worked in one of the school’s laboratories to learn more about the heart and lungs.
They wore lab coats, surgical gloves and used a scalpel to dissect the heart and lungs of a lamb.

Below are some comments from the children about their experience.

‘We dissected the heart with a scalpel and saw arteries, ventricles, atria and capillaries.’

‘We really enjoyed the trip and would like to go there again.’

“Visiting St. John Bosco was a great opportunity to learn more advanced science. We were allowed to dissect a lamb’s heart with scalpels and label the parts on a sheet. If we wanted, we could investigate what was inside a lamb’s lungs and the trachea (wind pipe). Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and hope to go again.”

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