Spread a little kindness in Year 3!

11th March 2019

This week is Spread a Little Kindness Week at Longmoor.

The children in Year 3 are working with Hettie from the Whitechapel Centre for fundraising.

Ten children visited the Centre this afternoon on a fact finding mission! They needed to discover what the Centre does, who it helps and what we can do in Year 3 to help them.

The children found out that the Centre helps homeless people. They provide food, clothes and toiletries and rely on money from people to donate to them. They will help any homeless person and can support them in lots of different ways.

The children learned that you can ring the Whitechapel Centre if you see a homeless person or someone on the streets who may need support.

In Year 3, we are asking for donations of food, clothes, toiletries or money to support the Centre – every donation is gratefully received!,

Getting our ideas together
Meeting to discuss the Whitechapel Centre
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