Spread a little kindness in Year Two!

1st February 2017

Year Two are taking part in the Spread a little Kindness challenge this week and next week. We have chosen to work with The Whitechapel Centre as our community link and were lucky to have a visit from Sarah from the centre who came to talk to us today. She told us about the work of the centre and how people become homeless. She asked us to think about what made a home and we learned that it is not just a building but somewhere where we can feel safe and warm and loved. We learned that the centre provide support and advice for homeless people. She told us that, if we see a person on the street who look like they might be sleeping out for the night, to talk to our parents about ringing this important number 123 2041 where we can tell someone who can go out and visit them. Thank you very much to Sarah for her time today and her useful talk with the children.

We have sent home a money box which parents can make with their children and collect any loose change to give to the centre. They would also be grateful for donations of clothes and toiletries too. Please bring any donations into schoo from now until the half term holiday – all donations are very gratefully received and thank you on behalf of the centre.

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