Spreading a little kindness!

25th January 2017

‘No act of kindness, no matter how big or small should go unnoticed’

This is the phrase that Year 4 have chosen to use as our muse when thinking about people in our school and community that we can help.
On Tuesday 24th January, Year 4 were visited by the voluntary group, Highfield Tenants and Residents  Association. We discussed who they were and what they do to help out the local communities. One of the key messages that we picked up on was the idea of making people feel welcome and happy. Mrs Warburton and Mrs Birch spoke to us about the activities that they are involved in organising and how it is not the work of one person but of many different groups working together. Our task is to create a recipe booklet to accompany food hampers given out to the vulnerable and disadvantaged people within the community. It has to include healthy meal ideas for breakfast,  lunch, dinner and snacks.

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