Success for our debaters!

27th November 2016

Our Year 5 debating team (Lili, Daniel, Rhiad, Freddie, Sophie and Ro) took part in their very first competition this week at Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College. Competing against five other local primary schools, our debaters argued the motion, ‘Cities are for people, not cars.’ We were very proud to see them presenting both sides of this very relevant issue so effectively and in such a well-structured way, using a wide range of persuasive techniques. We were even more proud when one of our school councillors, Daniel, won ‘Outstanding Personality of the Debate’.

One of the judges, Mrs. McAlister, said, “All of your students were excellent and Daniel clearly stood out as Best Personality. As a team they were very confident and clear whilst answering the questions, which was not an easy feat!”

Well done to our debaters and we look forward to more competitions!


Daniel receives his trophy

Our debaters present their arguments

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