Terrific Teeth

24th January 2017

We were lucky enough to be visited by the school nurses on Friday 13th January and Friday 20th January. They set us a competition to create information leaflets all about teeth! They chose a runner up (Karl from Class 8) and a grand winner (Esme from Class 7). CONGRATULATIONS! The nurses told us that the standard of work in Year 3 was amazing, that we had excellent teeth knowledge and they even asked if they could put copies of our work into their bulletin so that we can help people in the community to understand how to look after their teeth!

Now our challenge is to put all our knowledge into action in real life! We can’t wait to continue applying our excellent teeth knowledge to make sure we keep our teeth healthy and clean.

We also wowed the school with our assembly all about teeth. We taught everybody something new, even Mrs Grundy! Did you know that giraffes only have molars at the bottom of their mouths so that they can grind up all the leaves they love to eat? Or that you SHOULD NOT rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth because you will wash off all of the fluoride from the toothpaste?

Well done Year 3! You have made everyone proud with all of your teeth knowledge.

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