The Bible

20th November 2018

This half term, as a part of their R.E curriculum, Year 4 are studying the Bible. Today, they were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Minister at Aintree Baptist Church, Geoff Bentley. They had prepared some interesting questions to ask Geoff, such as ‘Why is the Bible important to you?’ and ‘What is the most helpful advice you have taken from the Bible?’ We were able to delve deeper into the importance of the Bible for Geoff personally as well as it’s important messages for all, not just Christians. The Bible’s messages of kindness and respect linked directly to our key messages for Anti-Bullying week. Geoff brought in two different Bibles to show a comparison of ones that are more ‘child friendly’. Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed this session and are all very grateful that Geoff was able to spare some time to come and talk to us. 

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